5 New Years Resolutions to Keep your Car on the Road

5 New Years Resolutions to Keep your Car on the Road

5 New Years Resolutions to Keep your Car on the Road

The Time Has Come….Resolutions

Can you smell it yet? 2017 is right around the corner, and we all know what that means…… Resolution TIME!!!!

Time for some new year resolutions. As 2016 is nearing a close it is a good time to reflect on how you have treated your car in the last year and what you can do better in the new year. I know i always start strong when it comes to resolutions, but when it comes to week three of the new year i start to slack off. The truth is we all slack off, we are human, none of us are perfect. Overtime I have come to realize that, the reason many of my resolutions fail is because I set the bar too high. Goals should be scalable, we should be able to see the end result not too far from where we originally started.

We here at sellmymotors.com have compiled some simple resolutions to assure that your car makes it through another year, in healthy condition.





  1. Keep Your Car Clean

Yes I am talking to you. There’s no good reason as to why there are 3 month old Doritos on your carpet, and a half empty bottle of flat Pepsi in your cup holder. Keeping your car in good shape starts with keeping it clean. When a car owner keeps his/her car clean they become aware of their car and how it is behaving. No, this doesn’t mean you need to go get a car was every few days or even once a week. It all starts with some wet wipes and a rag. Wipe the car down every once in a while, throw out the trash, wipe down the windows. As we start cleaning religiously we will become more attached to the car, feeling as if it were our own child, this will inevitably lead to you taking better care of your car and increasing its longevity. I like to use chemical guys products they have a great way of cleaning up the car while maintaining that original dealership look.


  1. Routine Oil Changes

It sounds pretty straight forward right? Well then it’s actually surprising that 6 in every 10 American’s don’t change their oil on time. CLEAN OIL is essential to the engine of an automobile, in fact, wonderopolis reminds us that an oil change is the most important of routine car maintenance, and that it is vital to the survival and longevity of your car. Doing an oil change is like drinking water, we can’t survive without fresh clean water, and cars cannot survive without fresh clean oil.


  1. Check Your Tires

Tire pressure is very important in insuring that the car’s weight distribution is even and it keeps the car balanced and driving at the same rate across all four tires. When you have uneven pressure, the weight of the car adds extra stress on one of the tires causing that tire to deflate further and wear out faster, once one tire has excessive wear it’ll be hard to keep track of the wear on each tire, especially with winter around the corner tire pressure is even more important, cold weather means less air in the tires. Keep track of this regularly and don’t ever rely solely on tpms systems.


Or end up like this guy……

Not keeping track of tire pressure



  1. Keep track of your Fluids.

Another no-brainer that passes us by… Fluids are vital to the health and operation of your vehicle. Without fluids, parts will not function properly or they will fail all together. Monitor your oil levels, monitor your transmission fluid, the fluid should be a light pink color and be somewhat odorless, if you smell something funky, it probably means something funky is going on. Add in that damn washer fluid, yes, it is important to do the small things, because enough repetition of tedious tasks will actually teach us to be more careful with certain things. If we change the washer fluid, we will eventually take care of everything else as well.

  1. Get Those Warning Lights Sorted

If you’re like me, then you won’t go get that check engine light fixed if you’ve already passed inspection, but prolonging a known problem will actually just make all the problems of the car even worse. A simple sensor can turn into a whole plethora of problems, diagnose the problem early and you will save yourself a ton of money.


I used to drive my car under conditions that I still to this day, don’t understand how I survived. I turned a $150 fix into a $3000 job. Moral of the story is that following small procedures and being vigilante can not only make your life much easier but it will also increase the chances of getting your love over that 200k mile mark.


If all else fails and your car is out of commission or you have decided to call it quits you can sell your car here.


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