If Your Horoscope was a Car.

If Your Horoscope was a Car.

If Your Horoscope was a Car.

Oh yeah, the old horoscope comparisons. This article is for all of you astrology lovers out there. After much “research” and “thought” we have formulated the exact car that your zodiac sign should drive. From Scorpio, to Libra, to the awesome Virgo, if you’ve ever wondered what car your sign would drive, look no further.

In today’s world buying a car isn’t just a means of getting from point a-b, a car has become a projection of who we are as  human beings. The American Dream is based around a nice house and a NICE CAR. Picking one can be very difficult, do you want speed? Or maybe comfort? Luxurious feel? Or a sport look? Whatever the case may be, we have an answer for you. Based on your horoscope we have compiled a list of  cars you should be driving. Find your sign and your car below.


Capricorn- Toyota Prius


Ah yes, the GOAT. Synonymous with knowledge, and innovation, goats can also be real pains in the behind as they like to keep their problems to themselves and dwell in their own misery. This is why it is best for Capricorns to buy and stick with one car, a car that is a practical choice, and will last a lifetime. Toyota’s are practical cars, they are reliable, easy to fix, and last a long time. This is important for Capricorns as they like to get good deals.



Aquarius- A Stallion

Oh Aquarius how we love you so. People of this sign don’t need a car to project who they are as individuals, in fact they might think that a car would take away from their individuality, and we know where that road leads. An Aquarius would pair well with a stallion because the stallion will give them the symbol of full freedom they desire. Kudos Aquarius we wish we could ride a stallion too.




Pisces- Hyundai i20


The fish likes to swim around under the radar until its time to attack, they keep things simple. They don’t need fast, or good looking, they need simple wheels to get them from point a-b. The i20 is a great economy car that isn’t only cheap, but good on the gas and squeezes rather nicely into tight spots, if you know what i mean. Slide through your next date in this one Pisces and your sure to get lucky.





Aries- Ram Super Duty


The ram (Aries) is a rather ambitious sign. They like to keep positive and are very driven in achieving their goals. Aries is a fire sign which means they are strong and passionate. The Dodge Ram is a great choice for Aries, because they give you the power you desire and the ability for all-terrain. Jump in, and head out on the highway!








 Gemini- Fiat 124 Spider

Based on the Gemini’s horoscope, they are known to be both versatile and in need of constant stimulation. The new 2017 Fiat 124 Spider is the perfect balance of sport and luxury. The convertible option is exactly why this is the right car for Gemini’s. It gives them the versatility they need, closed one second, and a nice cool breeze the next. This way the Gemini won’t have the burden of making a straight forward decision lot’s of room to switch things up in an instant.







 Taurus- Volvo XC70

    Based on Taurus horoscope, Taurus is interested in one thing above all else, and that want is stability. Taurus likes to be completely secure and know whats coming. That is why the top safety rated XC70 is a “no-brainer” for any Taurus looking for a comfortable, safe, and trustworthy ride. Volvo’s are known for being some of the safest vehicles on the street, the XC70 comes in all-wheel-drive and sports a nice amount of trunk space for those long road trips.








 Cancer- Volkswagen GLI

Cancers horoscope suggest that they are reserved and secure, yet love to try new things and be adventurous. What many people don’t realize is the strong personalities they carry behind their reserved masks. This is why the Volkswagen Jetta GLI is the perfect fit for them. At first glance, the car looks like a simple, neat compact sedan, but one step inside the car and cancer will quickly realize that this car screams their personality. The 2.0 turbocharged engine packs a punch, while keeping your wallet full with minimum gas consumption.



Leo-1959 Oldsmobile Super 88

One quick look  and they’ll know its a Leo pulling up to the scene. Leo’s have a strong desire to standout and the Super 88 will certainly have heads turning when they pass by. Roll through with a classic look Leo’s, and your’e sure to steal the show.  The aggressive, yet classy look of the Super 88 will definitely make  passer-by’s jealous, and that is something the attention-seeking Leo wants.










 Virgo- Bmw M3

Virgo’s are meticulous creatures, horoscopes say that they tend to overthink and over analyze every situation. The BMW M3 is a particularly detailed car which is a technical and aesthetic marvel. German Engineering at it’s finest, Virgo’s will look stylish, classy, mean and collected with this monster of a car. The Virgo’s are perfectionists, always looking for new innovations and being ahead of the curve. The M3 is well above its competitors and BMW is always pushing the envelope with technical innovations.






Sagittarius- Audi TT Convertible

Sagittarius horoscope states that they are the free-spirit sign. Few have been successful in pinning down a Sagittarius. They are always on the move, doing whatever, whenever. This is why a convertible Audi TT is a perfect fit for them, its stylish, fast, and has the convertible so that the Sagittarius can feel free while driving, because G-d forbid someone ever tries to mess with Sagittarius free-spirit.





Scorpio- Volkswagen Golf R

They seem calm and collected on the outside, but, once you begin to peel back the layers we find the burning passion and power that the Scorpio holds inside. The Golf R, is the car version of a Scorpio. From the outside it looks like a normal sleek hatchback, but one step inside this beast and the Scorpio will realize that this car is not for the faint of heart. This car packs a powerful turbo-charged engine and pushes 292 horsepower. There’s no doubt that Scorpio’s will love the power and passion that this vehicle keeps inside.





Libra- Honda Odyssey

Based on Libra’s horoscope, Libra’s like to make sure that family and friends are comfortable and happy. They put people in front of themselves many times and are selfless in that respect. This is why a nice family Honda Odyssey is a no-brainer for them. While keeping its sleek look the Honda Odyssey provides supreme comfort for up to seven people so that the Libra can make sure everyone is happy while taking those long weekend trips with family.

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